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Gardant: Your SIA Approved Contractor

Setting the Gold Standard in Security Services

Exceeding Industry Standards: Your Trusted Accredited Security Partner

 Quality Assurance: Our ACS accreditation is a beacon of consistent, top-tier service, validated by the rigorous standards set by the SIA.

 Expert Team: We are committed to nurturing a team steeped in industry knowledge and proficiency, guaranteeing an ever-evolving expertise to serve you better.

 Customer-Centric Approach: Experience services that are not only efficient but meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences, enhancing overall satisfaction.

 Legal Compliance: Rest assured, we maintain a stringent adherence to the SIA's legal and regulatory standards, fostering a secure and lawful environment for all.

✔ Peace of Mind: Entrust your safety to us, a provider synonymous with reliability and operational excellence, granting you peace of mind in all security matters.

Choose us, an industry leader marked by quality and dedication, for a secure and superior experience.

BS 7858:2019 - Security Vetting

Security vetting under BS 7858:2019 ensures a reliable team foundation. Clients choosing us benefit from our uncompromised commitment to safety, with dependable personnel dedicated to safeguarding your interests and maintaining a secure environment.

BS 7958:2015 - Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Management and Operation Code of Practice

Compliance with BS 7958:2015 ensures optimal CCTV operation, a cornerstone of modern security. We utilize technology proficiently, offering round-the-clock surveillance. Choose us to have a vigilant guardian employing technology to safeguard your interests meticulously.

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety Management

In line with ISO 45001:2018, we excel in occupational health and safety management. We're committed to reducing workplace risks and enhancing employee well-being. Our service, in adherence to international standards, ensures a safer, healthier work environment, embodying reliability and efficiency in health and safety management.

BS 7499:2020 - Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol Service

Adherence to BS 7499:2020 promises vigilant, proactive site protection. We embody industry excellence, offering structured and responsive security solutions. Opt for our service to ensure a steadfast guardian overseeing your premises, meeting contemporary security demands.

BS 7984:2020 - Keyholding and Response Services

Following BS 7984:2020, we offer swift, efficient keyholding and response services. We're ready to act promptly, managing situations competently. By choosing us, clients secure a service synonymous with rapid, reliable, and effective response mechanisms. 

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems

Aligned with ISO 14001:2015, our environmental management systems prioritise sustainability and ecological responsibility. We focus on minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices, ensuring compliance with global environmental standards. Our commitment aids clients in achieving eco-friendly operations, reflecting a dedication to environmental stewardship and excellence.

BS 7960:2016 - Door Supervision - Code of Practice

BS 7960:2016 governs high standards in door supervision, safeguarding all entrances diligently. Clients choosing our service receive comprehensive security solutions that ensure peace of mind. Trust us to act as your robust shield against potential threats.

BS 8593:2017 - Code of Practice for the Deployment and Use of Body Worn Video (BWV)

BS 8593:2017 guides our transparent use of Body Worn Video, enhancing security operation accountability. Opting for our service means securing a trustworthy partnership, where every security measure is verifiable and operates on a foundation of trust and transparency.

Standards We Adhere To:

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In our journey towards excellence, we've earned recognition and approval from several esteemed entities in the industry. Here's a deeper insight into each of these acknowledgements:

JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register)

As a JOSCAR accredited entity, we are recognised as a compliant, trustworthy, and high-quality supplier to the aerospace, defence and security sectors. This accreditation acknowledges that we have met various stringent requirements necessary to provide services in these sectors, ensuring quality and reliability.

Trading Standards

Being recognised by Trading Standards signifies our commitment to operating fairly and in compliance with all necessary legal and ethical requirements. This recognition reassures our clients that we adhere to high standards of customer service and product quality, building a trustworthy relationship with all our stakeholders.

Safe Contractor

Our Safe Contractor approval highlights our devotion to adhering to health and safety regulations, ensuring the wellbeing of both our clients and our employees. This accreditation is a testament to our responsible and conscientious operational procedures, minimising risks and safeguarding all parties involved in our services.

ISO 9001

Our compliance with the ISO 9001 standard underscores our dedication to implementing and maintaining a robust Quality Management System. This globally recognised standard ensures that our services consistently meet our clients' requirements and that we are continually improving our processes to serve you better.

CSAS (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme)

Being a part of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) indicates our active role in community safety initiatives. This scheme enables us to work closely with law enforcement, allowing certain staff members to be given targeted police powers to enhance the security and safety of the community. It reflects our commitment to being not just a security provider, but a proactive participant in safeguarding our society.

Our Pillars of Excellence: Recognitions and Approvals

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