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Specialist Security Training Devon & Cornwall

Uncover Specialist Security training in Devon and Cornwall with our range of QNUK-accredited courses. The QNUK Level 2 Award in Behavioural Detection Analysis equips learners with the ability to identify anomalous behaviours that may signal various crimes or concerns, emphasizing a balanced approach of helping individuals in need.

For comprehensive vehicle searching skills, the QNUK Level 2 Award in Vehicle Searching provides security personnel with industry best practices and methodology for effective vehicle inspections. Elevate your expertise with the QNUK Level 3 Award in Security Management and QNUK Level 4 Certificate in Security Management, designed to advance security managers' careers through comprehensive skills development, leadership practice, and knowledge expansion. Partner with us to refine skills, foster safety, and prepare for evolving security challenges.

Specialist Security - Training Courses

Discover specialized training courses by Gardant Security in Devon and Cornwall. Enhance your expertise in diverse areas such as behavioural detection, vehicle searching, and security management. Equip yourself with essential skills to handle complex security challenges effectively and ensure the safety of your environment and community.

QNUK Level 2 Award in Behavioural Detection Analysis (RQF)  POA

Guided learning hours: 3

This qualification provides the learner with the tools to be able to detect anomalous behaviours which may lead to: theft, terrorism, assault, fraud, unlawful protests and many other crimes that occur within today’s society. Whilst remembering that not all anomalous behaviours are an intent for unlawful behaviour, the individual may just need some help or be worried about a situation that you can help them to overcome! 

LQNUK Level 2 Award in Vehicle Searching (RQF) POA

Guided learning hours: 6

This qualification is aimed at security staff involved with the process and operational requirements for searching vehicles when entering or leaving a designated area. Industry best practice, safety and methodology are instructed and practiced as part of this qualification to provide a robust working knowledge and skills required to perform effective vehicle searching.

QNUK Level 3 Award in Security Management (RQF)  POA

Guided learning hours: 40 (with some pre- course study)

This qualification has been developed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for Security Managers or those aspiring to advance their careers within the security industry. This is the next step from the initial SIA licence qualifications to introduce and practice management, supervisory and leadership skills that are required to take ownership of a team and contract effectively. Staff rotas, employment legislation, risk assessments, planning patrols, handling major and minor incidents, proactive task analysis, appraisals, training needs analysis and many more functions of security management are covered along with live simulations and desktop exercises to put new abilities into practice. Refining and developing existing skill sets are an integral part of this qualification where you will also learn to conduct vehicle searching and pass these proficiencies onto your team.

QNUK Level 4 Certificate in Security Management (Organisational) (RQF)  POA

Guided learning hours: 28 (with some distance learning and coursework)

This qualification develops learner’s basic knowledge and understanding of security management as part of the wider security management concepts and in light of current and emerging criminal and terrorist threats to business. Research skills are developed allowing the learner to explore a range of security management concepts including the role of a security manager, attributes and skills required to become a security manager, security management policies, risk mitigation, information protection and legislation relating to security management. This qualification develops transferrable skills that will support the Security Manager in the workplace as well as provide continued professional development for wider security roles.

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Training FAQ's

Where are the training locations offered by Gardant Training Academy?

Based in Barnstaple, North Devon, Gardant Training Academy naturally serves clients in nearby areas such as Bideford and Ilfracombe, extending to other regions across Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. Our reach also includes locations such as Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay (covering Paignton and Torquay), Taunton, Tiverton, Minehead, Newton Abbot, Okehampton, and Yeovil. However we welcome clients from all over the UK and can also visit your premises.

What is the average size of a training group at Gardant Training Academy?

The size of our training groups varies depending on the specific course. Typically, our courses accommodate between 6 to 12 participants.

Can Gardant Training Academy conduct on-site training sessions at our business premises?

Absolutely! For group bookings, we can provide on-site training at your business premises, given that the facilities meet our training standards.

Are the trainers at Gardant Training Academy certified and experienced in their fields?

Every trainer at Gardant Training Academy is a seasoned expert in their domain. They not only possess all the necessary qualifications but also surpass the standard requirements. With years of training experience and a rich operational background, they ensure the highest calibre of course delivery.

How do I book on to a course?

To book a course, simply click on the provided link and fill out the brief form to kickstart your training journey.

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