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Gardant Group Winter Newsletter

Updated: Mar 22

Health & Safety: Building on Our ISO 45001 Success

As you know, we recently achieved the prestigious ISO 45001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to world-class health and safety standards. But this isn't just a certificate on the wall – it's about continuous improvement. Let's look at practical ways we're making safety a daily priority:

Toolbox Talks in Action: Have you participated in a Toolbox Talk yet? These discussions are proving invaluable. Last month, a talk on slip and fall prevention on a construction site led to several suggestions that could prevent future incidents. Remember, speaking up about safety makes a difference.

Near-Miss Reporting: Turning Close Calls into Lessons: Thank you to everyone who's been diligently reporting near misses. We recently analysed trends in these reports, and it helped us identify a potential hazard with equipment malfunction. This data-driven approach to safety keeps us proactive.

Safety Champions: We want to recognise Barry Kent for going above and beyond with safety awareness. They consistently lead by example and aren't afraid to speak up when they see potential risks. Who's your safety champion? Let us know! Remember, safety is a team effort. Your active participation is what truly makes our ISO 45001 certification meaningful.

Environmental Commitment: From ISO 14001 to Everyday Action

Our ISO 14001 certification sets the standard for environmental responsibility, but it's our everyday actions that make a real impact. Here's how we're turning our commitment into a reality: Waste Reduction Challenge: This month, we're launching a friendly competition between Sites. Let's see who can reduce their general waste the most! Simple actions like doublesided printing and using reusable mugs make a big difference.

Spotlight on Sustainability:

Did you watch last month's video on environmental responsibility? Share one takeaway that you're applying on your current project or in the office. We can all learn from each other! Green Ideas Portal: We're working on a suggestion box specifically for environmental improvements. Want to see better recycling options? Have an idea to cut down on energy use? Let your voice be heard! Remember, being environmentally conscious doesn't mean grand gestures. Small, consistent change is what will truly propel us forward. What's your 'green action' for the week?

Security Highlights: Celebrating Success and Raising the Bar

We're thrilled to share recent updates that showcase our growth and commitment to top-tier security services: Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market Success: Our debut at this iconic event was a resounding success! Positive feedback and a contract renewal for next year highlight our expertise in integrated security and medical solutions. University of Exeter: Partnership Thrives We're proud to continue our strong relationship with the University of Exeter, not only as their security provider but now as their sole event medical supplier. This expanded role is a testament to our versatility and client trust.

Security Highlights:

Celebrating Success and Raising the Bar ACS & Client Audits: Exceeding Expectations We smashed our ACS audit, achieving an incredible score of 132 and solidifying our position among the best in the industry. The successful audit with a large defense client International further demonstrates our dedication to meeting the highest standards for our clients. This isn't just about past achievements – it's about a mindset of continuous improvement. Thank you to our dedicated team who make these milestones possible!

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