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Spring Newsletter

Health & Safety: Insights from Our Successes

Our commitment to ISO 45001 isn't just about a certificate – it's about actively improving safety for our team and those we serve.  Each incident report, every near-miss form, and all those Toolbox Talks contain valuable data.  This spring, we're taking a deep dive into this information to prevent future risks and enhance our safety performance.

Success Story: Learning from Near Misses  Remember that slippery surface reported at our Devonport site last month?  Thanks to those reports, we were able to revise our site safety plan to include better drainage and non-slip mats in those areas.  This proactive approach is how we prevent minor issues from becoming major incidents.

Spring Safety: It's Not Just Sunshine and Flowers  With longer days and warmer weather comes the potential for outdoor hazards.  Be mindful of slick surfaces, uneven terrain, and unpredictable spring weather that can create risks.  We'll be rolling out a refresher on safe practices for working outdoors.

Your Input Matters!  What hazards would you like to address in our next Toolbox Talk?   Submit your ideas to help us make safety a continuous learning process.

Security Highlights: Continued Success and Exciting New Wins

Our commitment to delivering top-tier security services keeps propelling us forward!  Here's a look at some recent achievements and exciting developments:

Strength with a large defense client: Our partnership with a large defense client continues to thrive. Their ongoing trust and the expansion of our services is testament to the exceptional work our team provides. We are dedicated to maintaining this high standard and fostering long-term client relationships.

University of Exeter:

Partnership in Full Swing  Our role as the security and medical provider for the University of Exeter's events is flourishing. We're consistently adapting our services to their ever-evolving needs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

A Monumental Win:

Securing the Torbay Riviera Airshow  We're incredibly excited to announce that Gardant Security has been appointed as the official security provider for the prestigious Torbay Riviera Airshow. This iconic event draws massive crowds and showcases the beauty of the English Riviera on an international stage.  We want to give a special shout-out to Kevin Lawrence, our Operations Director, whose expertise and dedication were instrumental in securing this incredible opportunity.  We're looking forward to delivering an outstanding security experience for organizers, participants, and the public.

This spring, we're not only celebrating past successes, but also looking ahead to thrilling new challenges. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Supporting Physical and Mental Well-being

True workplace safety goes beyond preventing physical injuries. This spring, as workloads often increase, Gardant Security is emphasising the importance of mental health as a core component of our safety culture. Stress, fatigue, and distraction can all impact our focus and decision-making, increasing the risk of accidents.

Introducing the "Gardant Recharge" Program: 

We're excited to launch Gardant Recharge, a new initiative designed to support your mental well-being. This program offers resources for stress management, mindfulness techniques, and confidential access to support when needed.  Watch out for more details coming soon!

Springtime Stressors:

Longer hours, tight deadlines, and the pressures of a busy season can add up.  If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a supervisor or a trusted colleague.  We're here to help you manage workloads in a way that supports both productivity and well-being.  Let's be mindful of taking breaks and using our PTO for necessary mental health days.

Safety Champions:

Recognising George Phillips  This month, we recognise George Phillips for his outstanding commitment to promoting a safe and supportive work environment. George understands that true safety means looking out for both our physical and mental health.  Who inspires you to prioritize well-being on the job?  Let's nominate our next Safety Champion!

A Message from Managing Director, Ollie Backhouse: "At Gardant Security, the well-being of our team is paramount.  That's why we're committed to fostering a culture where both physical and mental health are prioritised.  The Gardant Recharge program is one step in demonstrating this commitment. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this resource and to support each other in creating a safe, healthy, and resilient workplace."

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